Our Mission

ALT 5 Sigma is a global fintech that provides next generation blockchain powered technologies for the tokenization, trading, clearing, settlement, payment, and insured custodianship of digital instruments.

Our Vision

ALT 5 aims to be the global leading provider of institutional blockchain powered trading networks.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Blockchain and digital Instruments (i.e. Cryptocurrencies, and or Tokens) will become an integral part of every aspect of the global financial system from central banks to micropayments.

We believe that all financial instruments will be linked to a private and or public blockchain including bonds, stocks, and commodities.

We believe that the global adoption of digital instruments will be done through licensed financial services firms such as banks, broker dealers, funds and asset managers.

Corporate Governance

The strength of our governance starts at the top. Our leading board of diverse and collegiate directors prioritise and integrate the enforcement of ethical behaviour, environmental awareness, and strategic planning. In addition, we ensure our governance practises remain relevant by continuously re-evaluating and seeking areas of improvement to harness long-term success.

These strengths are fostered by a proactive governance culture that consistently adopts industry-leading standards.

Licenses & Registrations

U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

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FINTRAC – Money Services Business

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Partners & Affiliates